Town Hall Meeting

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Brock West and Dennis
Incorporation Information Meeting

Date:   February 7, 2017
Time:   6:30 PM
Location:  Sugartree Golf Club Pavilion by The Grill

The following will be discussed:

  1. Status of the Brock West, TX incorporation election (primary incorporation area includes small portion of Canyon West, I-20 corridor from Canyon West to Oak Creek RV Park just west of Brock Junction, Hwy 1189 from I-20 to the Brock Community Center, Olive Branch area and Young Bend Estates)
  2. Status of the Dennis, TX incorporation election (primary incorporation area includes all of SugarTree, Hwy 1189 from SugarTree to Old Dennis Rd and Old Dennis Rd from Hwy 1189 to current Weatherford ETJ) .
  3. The Weatherford City Council’s approval to sue Brock and Parker County.

Please attend this meeting and help spread the word to others – we need all the Brock help we can get.

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